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Although she amazed Argentina at the end of 19 century as the first woman to become a doctor, Cecilia Grierson is haunted by disturbing dreams related to the past and emotional relationships that abruptly ended. She truly believes she had managed to leave those traumas behind, but when chance brings her first love back into her life, she wants closure. Nevertheless, Cecilia falls into a relationship that defies conventions, until she finally reaches her own understanding of the power of love, the meaning of her life and of who she really is besides an exceptional physician.

Standing Tall is a moving story set in the progressive era of the Golden Age, a time where many were immersed in the pursuit of global knowledge, world literature, arts and music. A time where many movements occurred to improve the living conditions of immigrants and factory workers, to regulate businesses, and to allow women to fight for their rights. From the Pampas to Buenos Aires and to Paris, Standing Tall reveals much of the vibrant culture and realities of life in South America, in a book replete with historical details, personal conflicts and love.


About the Author.

Debora G. De Farias


There is a saying in her native country, Brazil, that “every dentist has a little bit of artistry and craziness inside.” The first part must be true, at least, when we are talking about Debora G. De Farias. Graduated in Dentistry from the University of Brasilia, followed by a Master Degree in Health Sciences, she also obtained her equivalent D.D.S degree from the University of Florida, when she moved to the United States in 2001. Debora is passionate about her health career, literature and arts. An avid reader since the age of four, she grew up surrounded by books, fascinated especially by the true stories of those unknow heroes and heroines that are part of our history. This is one of the main reasons she began the writing journey with her first historical novel, Standing Tall. Debora lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with her husband Toan Nguyen and their son Andrew. When not writing, reading, painting or promoting beautiful smiles, Debora can be found traveling, hiking, or simply wandering around with her family and friends, always with a camera in her hands.


"This is Dr. Debora de Farias’ first book and a gift to all who read it. Dr. Debora's writing reflects insight beyond her young years.  STANDING TALL is a historical fiction based on the life of Argentina’s first female physician, Cecilia Grierson, a noted activist, the Founder of the School of Nurses in South America, and so much more. Well researched, this book is also a powerful tale of love, the meaning of life, and the haunting of dreams. Dr. Debora’s research is amazing and the era of the Gilded Age comes alive. This is a book I will have to read over and over again!"

(Patricia Daly-Lipe, author and artist)


Love makes Us Stand Tall

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